Why We Love Our Home

Many graduates seek the dazzling lights of bigger cities. However, having been born, raised and educated in Birmingham I could think of no better place to start my professional career than my home city.
What makes Birmingham so special is how undervalued it is and how many hidden gems the city holds. To see this you just simply have to examine the Colmore Business District (CBD.) With SimkissGuy Recruitment headquarters situated in the heart of the CBD I’ve been able to experience what this area of Birmingham truly has to offer.
The Colmore Business District is a business improvement district (BID) which was created with the aim to manage improvements and service to the Birmingham business quarter. Over 500 companies are a part of this movement with an incredible 35,000 people being employed across 5.6 million square feet of office space. What’s really amazing is how interactive those within the BID are with each other. From networking events at Chung Ying Central, to the Great Western Arcade, it really is all inclusive.
To really grasp the inclusivity of the BID you just have to look at the wide array of business and people that attend our networking and social events, not least of all our BWB event, which aims to celebrate the leading businesswomen in the city, whilst inspiring the young women and girls of today to strive for greatness. There is a wide array of people from different social standings, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, all united by one simple thing, the Colmore Business District.
At SimkissGuy Recruitment we are proud to be supporting local business by investing in projects, services and initiatives, and our own Richard Guy is also a Board Director of the CBD! To find out more about the Colmore BID click here, and for more information about upcoming SimkissGuy events click here, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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