“Week One – Check!” by Alex Foyle

Returning to the UK in the early hours of Sunday morning from a week in Ibiza was not exactly the full-time job preparation I’d have hoped for. Thankfully, this was made all the much better when I arrived at my new desk on Monday morning. An enormous box of SimkissGuy cupcakes and a sweet handwritten welcome card from the rest of the team was the perfect touch. I’d seen countless delicious cupcakes fly out the door to other candidates on their first day during my time here and now it was (finally) my turn!
What a week it’s been! Recruitment is a notoriously fast-paced industry with an incredibly quick turn-around. Only being in the office once a week as an intern made it very difficult to wrap my head around the detailed changes that had occurred between each shift. Given the extra time in the office, I’ve fully embraced the trusty help of my colleagues to act as my recruitment mentors, answering all my silly questions and teaching me the ins-and-outs. From seeking out and telephone interviewing prospective candidates to preparing shortlists for clients, I already feel like I’m getting to grips with all of the SimkissGuy procedures.
I can hardly believe we’ve zipped through Week One of the diary already. The initially daunting list of key objectives on my ‘Plan of Action’ has whittled down incredibly quickly and I’ve ticked off all of the items for my training. On reflection, we’ve achieved so much as a team this week and I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to wholly contribute and already track the entire recruitment process through from start to finish.
While we are as busy as ever, I’m excited to get up to speed and see what else I can bring to the table!

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