Three Weeks At SimkissGuy Recruitment

They say time flies when you’re having fun, which is undoubtedly true, however in the past few weeks I’ve found having fun whilst working makes time fly even faster! Somehow I’ve now been working officially at SimkissGuy for three weeks and I can safely say I’ve enjoyed every minute of the journey so far!
After being given a fresh box of the famous SimkissGuy cupcakes and a new nickname on my first day in the office, I was immediately welcomed into the SimkissGuy family and made to feel like a valued member of the team.
The best way to describe my first three weeks working at SimkissGuy is eye opening. Getting to experience the real world of recruitment, and the love and care shown by the employees here is incomparable to anything I’ve seen at any other firm I’ve worked at. The desire shown to ensure every candidate has a smile on their face when they’ve spoken to a SimkissGuy team member is the first thing I had to learn, one of our policies is to provide un-paralleled customer service, and this was drilled into me from the moment I stepped in the door!
From my first day I’ve been in charge of my own diary and setting my own work deadlines, a refreshing take on management and one that I feel will be adopted by many more firms in the future. Admittedly everyday working life has been a challenge to adapt to, however there couldn’t be a better environment to learn in, the way in which the team here can balance creating an enjoyable working environment with getting an extraordinary amount of work done is extremely admirable and one that, I would imagine, isn’t possible in most other firms.
After attending my first Colmore Cocktail and Curry Clubs in my first few weeks here, and getting to meet some of the most influential professionals in the city region, I feel like this could be the start of an exciting journey, for myself and for SimkissGuy Recruitment.
Getting first hand experience of the intense life as a recruiter, it hasn’t put me off one bit in considering a long term career in the industry, I’m sure there are longer days and more stressful situations I’ll face in the near future, but I’m excited to face them head on.

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