The Struggles of a Recent Graduate – Jenny

After completing my degree at the University of Worcester 2 months ago, I was eager to start working in the real world and gain as much experience as I could. However, reality hit me when the rejection emails started flooding in, and it became clear that I didn’t quite have the level of office-based experience required for many of the roles I was applying for.
Hours of searching turned into days, and nothing seemed to catch my eye, especially as there isn’t a wide range of social media opportunities based in Birmingham. I came across SimkissGuy Recruitment’s internship scheme, which seemed like a great opportunity to build up my marketing and administrative skills in a fast-paced, real-world environment with a professional services organisation.
I applied for the SimkissGuy Recruitment marketing internship thinking “will I even hear back?”, but a few days later I had my first phone call from Sam who was very helpful and told me about the role and asked whether it would be something I was interested in. I then had a further conversation with Helena, who invited me to the office to discuss the role in greater detail, before accepting and beginning the internship.
It is natural to feel nerves when starting a new role or entering a new environment, but the team at SimkissGuy couldn’t have been more accommodating, instantly making me feel at ease. I knew I could always ask questions and be able to work at a pace I am comfortable with. As my degree was in Media, I am developing new skills by using a range of marketing software and managing the company’s social media accounts, to keep their audience updated regularly. Additionally, I have undertaken a wide range of varied administrative tasks to gain vital skills needed in a business environment.
I have been interning here for 4 weeks now and have already picked up some really useful skills, learning things about marketing, social media and office administration that university didn’t teach me. Each week I am learning something new and working with an amazing team who set me new goals to achieve, and I am eager to learn more to help develop my future career prospects.

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