The Recruitment Internship that will Kickstart my Career- Rebecca Connor

After making the decision to not only leave my job but to change my career path completely I didn’t know where to start. Many questions ran through my head, I wasn’t quite sure what the next step was going to be.
Do I go back to college?
Do I go to university?
How am I going to find another job in a completely different sector?
I started looking on many different job sites, applying for positions in Human Resources, Administration and Trainee Recruitment. I also made the decision to retrain and so started my CIPD Foundation qualification in Human Resources. I started considering apprenticeships; I thought that completing an apprenticeship may be a good start into a career. I applied to one or two, then I received a call from Richard Guy asking me to come in for a meeting.
I sat nervously waiting for Richard to call me through, whilst talking to him I actually felt important, like I was being listened to and my own interests were being taken into account. By this point I had taken a firm interest in recruitment, helping and meeting new people always has been something I liked to do and recruitment for me is something that does both. You are meeting new people daily and not only are you helping some people find a job, you are also helping clients find staff members.
I met Rebecca Simkiss within the same interview and I have to say both Rebecca and Richard seemed like nice and friendly people who would try their hardest to help me and I was happy just for that. Then Richard offered work experience to me and I was thrilled and incredibly grateful, this will give me the solid platform I need to be able to kick start that first step into my career change.
My first week started and I felt anxious and yet excited. I can honestly say my first three days were amazing; I loved every moment of them. Not only did I get an insight and more of an understanding of the actual recruitment role but also the chance to get to know the team a little better. In the first week they were getting me to send messages out via social media sites, such as Linkedin. I was learning and developing skills that would be incredibly important to any future role.
The second week I was posting adverts on facebook, scheduling them in for different times and days. Not only did I do this, I also worked on databases for their events. I slowly started to feel more at ease and like I was actually helping them.
Now I’m completing my third week and I can still say I absolutely love it!
SimkissGuy helped me find my goal for the future, what I want to do career wise and I am incredibly grateful. I enjoyed sitting in on interviews, learning why it is important to look at and gain understanding of a candidate’s CV. SimkissGuy have taught me some invaluable skills already and I can’t wait to learn more and have the chance to put them into action within a professional role.

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