Six Weeks in and I’m still loving it! By Amelia Ladbrook

So I thought that 3 hour exams, living off a student loan and 9am lectures with a hangover were pretty tough and if I could get through that then I could get through anything. Working in recruitment, and I think in any fast paced, professional services firm has shown me that those days were a walk in the park. With a comfort blanket. And someone telling me that it will all be over soon.
My first week as a Relationship Manager saw me relishing my new title- I was no longer an intern! I’d had my own desk, laptop and stationary (which I got very excited about) for a long time, but as a full time, permanent member of staff it all seemed a bit more real. My first Monday morning was brilliant- I had my own cupcakes! Waiting on my desk was a bottle of (non-alcoholic) Bucks Fizz, a dozen SimkissGuy corporate cupcakes and a welcome card. It’s a pretty great way to start your career don’t you think?
So there I was revelling in fizzy orange juice and purple cupcakes when the thought hit me- I’m now relied upon to be a real, grown up Relationship Manager. I’ve worked before but this is the big one, my first full time, salaried (woohoo!) post University job.
And it’s been a learning curve. I have never been so excited yet so tired in all my life. This isn’t a just a job, it’s a career.
After six weeks I’ve experienced so much, the ups, the downs, the late nights with sore feet and now I’m thinking- what next? There is so much to come not only in the everyday life at SimkissGuy but in my personal career development. I’m doing things that I never dreamed I’d be doing, but look at me now- I have business cards and everything!
So here’s to the next six weeks, and the challenges they will bring. I’m sure there will be plenty, but I’m ready for them.

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