SimkissGuy vs Heart FM: The Big Interview

Earlier in May, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ed and Gemma from Heart FM to the SimkissGuy Recruitment offices for their very own candidate interviews.
Taking on SimkissGuy’s formidable Managing Director, Rebecca Simkiss, Ed and Gemma arrived in their own interpretations of “interview attire” and ready to impress in an Apprentice style showdown!
With Ed and Gemma suitably nervous, Rebecca raked over their CVs with a fine tooth comb with the ultimate aim of deciding once and for all who is the most employable of the pair!
With Ed’s 20 year old tea stained CV and Gemma’s tendency to overshare, it was an entertaining afternoon all round, though maybe more for us than them!
Here are some highlights – SimkissGuy vs Heart FM
Who do you think was victorious and the most employable?!
If you would like to attend your very own (slightly less intense and generally much more positive) interview with SimkissGuy to talk about how we can help with your job search, just send over a copy of your CV to

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