SimkissGuy – Shaping my Future! – Alex Thompson

Before I joined University I was always encouraged to get myself onto a course with a placement as it would help me gain employment in the ‘real world’. I decided to take on everyone’s advice and managed to join a Business course which included a third year sandwich placement, after an enjoyable first two years studying, I was always aware there was only so much University could offer, and the options to develop my experience to help me after I finished my degree were limited, so I knew it was vital I joined a firm which would set me best up for the future, oh how easy I thought it was going to be!
As it so happens the search for the right firm wasn’t as simple as planned! However I luckily came across SimkissGuy Recruitment through a close friend and managed to secure a placement within the firm as a Relationship Coordinator.
Now I am just over 6 months in I already know the experience I have gained here is going to be invaluable as I go into my final year of University in September, SimkissGuy has opened my eyes to the real world of business and given me the chance to witness first-hand what happens on a daily basis within a thriving SME, however I will have to remember not every company is quite as unique as SimkissGuy! The way the firm operates and the passion for excellence is something every firm should have, however it is impossible to achieve without the right personnel and it’s been a privilege to work with a group of people who are so passionate about what they do.
The key factor that will help me most going forward is the responsibility I have been given throughout the placement, managing my own diary and using my initiative to work is admittedly a challenge to deal with at times! However I know that it’s only going to further my development and help me in future years. Managing guest lists for our highly renowned networking events within the city is just one example in which I have been entrusted of managing, I’m pretty sure not many firms would hand this to a placement student!
Working within recruitment has given me first-hand experience of what it takes to gain employment and how tough it can be for graduates. SimkissGuy is a unique firm and I am learning more and more with every passing day, and I now relish the prospect of finishing University and facing the next challenge I come across!

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