SimkissGuy is Three Months Old!

SimkissGuy Recruitment is 3 months old – we’re rapidly approaching the end of our very first quarter 1 and all is well!
The words of those who told us that we were mad to set up a business in the middle of what may yet be a triple dip recession seem like distant echoes. We’ve met some wonderful candidates and clients and have been able to introduce many of them to each other – it seems our commitment to ‘listen, understand then recruit’ is striking a chord in Birmingham and the West Midlands!
Our networking activity has been the key to creating awareness of the SimkissGuy message. Now, I sense a collective rolling of the eyes at the mere mention of the word ‘networking’ but let me explain! When SimkissGuy Recruitment was still a ‘twinkle in the eye’ Becky and I decided that we wanted to approach networking slightly differently to the ‘norm’. We’ve all been to networking events and found ourselves cornered by the ‘steely eyed’ Will Writer, IFA, Banker and yes, Recruitment Consultant. They often seem to hunt in packs – lining up, one after the other between you and the buffet!
Our approach has been different. We attend networking events with the personal target of helping at least one other attendee – often by using our contacts to facilitate a meeting between two people who can help each other’s business. To paraphrase JFK – ask not what networking can do for you, ask what you can do for networking!
It all sounds rather altruistic doesn’t it? But, something rather remarkable seems to be happening. Not only have we been able to facilitate new business for those we’ve met, but, those very same people have become positive advocates of our business and we’ve just completed on a piece of business that I’m convinced we wouldn’t have had but for this approach.
You might be wondering where you can see this approach in action. A good place to start would be The Colmore Curry Club on 12.30, April 5th at Itihaas on Newhall Street. Contact me at to reserve your place!

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