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Leaving university can often be daunting, despite the hours spent in lectures or the countless days spent in the library. In my experience what university ultimately fails to do is equip students with practical tools to face the real world. After finishing my degree at Aston University, I found that searching for work and internships can often be overwhelming, as someone who constantly found himself changing the course of his career prospects I knew what I needed was stellar experience in the professional workplace.
When you’re searching for any semblance of work experience, hours can often turn into days and you can find yourself frustrated, sometimes you would find a company that wasn’t a good fit or perhaps you couldn’t quite find the right job for you. In all this searching I found just what I was looking for, an internship that gave me the flexibility I craved and needed after finishing my degree whilst also giving invaluable experience amongst an experienced team.
What really caught my eye about SimkissGuy Recruitment was the inclusivity, they acknowledge that each candidate is an individual and unique, equipped with different strengths. Even from the first phone call I received I felt welcomed, it was clear that this was a company that understood the value of every applicant and would assess them based on more than their academic accomplishments. Having researched SimkissGuy Recruitment further I knew that it was a company that would not only give me the experience I needed but also one that I would enjoy working for, a small yet dynamic team that had outstanding core morals and stood by them.
Some people know what they want to do when they enter university and may specialise in a certain area as they are certain that is the profession for them, for example Dentistry or Medicine. However, if you are like me and you aren’t quite sure what career you want to pursue, perhaps your grade wasn’t as high as you would like it to be or you simply have no idea what life after university holds, trying to gain as much experience as you can is a good place to start, refining your CV and applying for as much as you can get will ultimately pay off.
I was fortunate as I was seeking professional experience in an office environment that was challenging yet rewarding. As an intern you don’t expect a lot of responsibility or the independence you truly need in order to grasp a profession, however at SimkissGuy Recruitment they not only give you the tools to succeed but also the independence in order to truly understand the role. I am looking forward to my future with SimkissGuy Recruitment and the challenges to come.

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