So you think you know all about recruitment agencies?

I had the pleasure of working as a recruitment consultant at a respected Birmingham based recruitment agency for around 8 years. For the last 7 years or so I’ve been an agency user in the healthcare industry. Poacher turned game keeper you might say! The more acerbic of you might note that I’m a poacher again but please don’t hold that against me!
Now, recruitment consultants in the healthcare industry really don’t have the best of reputations – they’re up there with investment bankers, estate agents and tabloid journalists. However, in my experience, not all recruitment consultants were the same. Yes there were those that only seemed to be interested in making a fast buck – phone call, sell a candidate, send a bill & move on to the next one. There were those who wanted to take the time to understand my business and its needs and then made genuine, intelligent attempts to solve our recruitment challenges. There weren’t many, but it was these consultants that I turned to – those who had invested their time to understand that every employee had interactions with customers and, hence, had a role to play in business development. The recruitment agencies that ‘got this’ got my business.
We’re not specialising in healthcare recruitment at SimkissGuy – our ‘home’ is in office support recruitment.  To understand your recruitment challenges and offer inteligent, cost effective solutions requires something of an innovation – listening! It’s an integral part of our director led service and the SimkissGuy seven point promise – listen first, then recruit.
I’ve spent 7 years sat on the ‘recruiters’ side of the desk. Becky & I are determined to make SimkissGuy the kind of agency that we’d want to use!

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