My Second Year at SimkissGuy- Amelia Ladbrook

Looking at a blank page, it’s been difficult to think how I could fit my last 20 months as a Relationship Manager into one blog. My role has changed, I’m managing a team and I have achieved things I never thought possible.
When new members of SimkissGuy are welcomed to the team, I am always reminded of my first days in the office. Nervous to pick the phone up, petrified at the thought of getting something wrong – a completely different person to whom I am now!
Your first job after education, at whatever point that may be, is one that will mould you for years to come. I have been pushed to lengths I didn’t think I could, encouraged to overcome personal barriers to my career progression and developed a courage I didn’t know I had. All thanks to being exposed to a dynamic SME environment, I feel like I can face any challenge.
At the beginning of 2016 my role at SimkissGuy changed, focussing on different areas of the business. A daunting task, I have taken this on and feel like 2016 really will be my year. As a business we are strong, we have momentum and a work ethic like I have never seen. I have had the privilege of watching the team expand in my time here at SimkissGuy, and I am extremely excited to see what they will achieve this year, both individually and as a team.
In my first blog describing my first few weeks at SimkissGuy, I wrote ‘ I’ve experienced so much, the ups, the downs, the late nights with sore feet and now I’m thinking- what next?’ and I realise now I really had no idea what was to come.
My second year is definitely set to be an exciting one- I will keep you updated!

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