“My journey so far…” – Alex Thompson

On the 15th September 2014, a brand new chapter in my life started when I attended my induction day at Birmingham City University.
Admittedly at that moment in time, I was unsure whether studying Business at University was the right first step in my future career. However, now my second year has been completed I couldn’t be happier with my decision, I’m on track to attain a first class degree and have loved every moment of the journey so far!
I have been introduced to some of the most interesting and intellectual people I’ve ever come across, and developed friendships I know will last a lifetime. University is obviously predominantly focused around studying and learning, however it’s the people you surround yourself with that get you through those early morning lectures. Going to University is one of the most challenging, but rewarding steps I have made in my life thus far, and I would recommend it to anyone who asked.
Due to the fact I was unsure what aspect of Business I wanted to study, I picked a course that would provide me with incredibly diverse learning . During my first two years I’ve studied topics such as Human Resources, Logistics, Marketing and many more interesting sectors of the business world. Studying a variety of topics has enabled me to pinpoint what specific sectors of business I see myself progressing with, and has warned me to steer clear of others!
One of the compulsory aspects of my degree is to carry out a third year placement year at a firm that befits my future career aspirations in business. I decided this was a great step in my career and would give me a taste of what real life business is like, and prepare me for the world once I finish University.
After a struggle to find a specific placement that I felt was directly suited to me, I was introduced to SimkissGuy Recruitment by a close friend. A quick search through their website was all I needed to know to highlight it was a firm where I can develop and progress as an employee. After meeting with a few members of the team, my pre-judgments were proved correct and lived up to my expectations.
A vibrant and welcoming atmosphere is something not all offices have; however it is extremely apparent at SimkissGuy Recruitment. It is a company where anyone would want to work given the chance. I’m extremely excited to see where the next couple of years take me.
Alex Thompson

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