My First Month As A SimkissGuy Relationship Manager – Emily Rose

I can honestly say I can’t believe it’s been a month since I started my full-time career at SimkissGuy Recruitment and it couldn’t have been a better, whirlwind four weeks!
My first week was definitely a baptism of fire. I came into the office on the morning of Monday 20th July to be greeted by a lovely box of cupcakes – which was a complete surprise – beforehand I’d only ever seen them passing through to be delivered to all our other candidates!
Then the reality of being a Relationship Manager soon hit home: from being the little intern (my words!) who used to show her face every now and then, to sitting down to my desk and being told my interview training was going to commence in 2 hours was definitely a shock. However, despite the nerves of mock interviewing the team, I was elated that by Thursday that same week, I had already been signed off as a fully fledged Relationship Manager, ready to be let lose on our candidates. Only four days in and I was both ready, and had the confidence, to interview by myself and feel that I could really understand people and get to grips with their stories.
Another huge difference I found is that for the first time, I really got to grips with the mechanics of the company. Whereas before I had only seen weekly snapshots of the day-to-day, I now saw processes completed from start to finish and began to piece together all the aspects of the business, and realise how they fitted together like little cogs in the SimkissGuy system.
Autonomy to drive my own career has been a key message from Rebecca and Richard. So furthermore, in the four weeks I’ve been here I have been asked to take hold of the reigns of SimkissGuy’s prestigious Gatekeepers Guild networking event, and as a result taken my first steps into the world of relationship development – adding another string to my corporate world bow!
I would say it’s been a challenging first month, and it has, but more predominately it has been an amazing and rewarding month. I feel that I’ve grown an awful lot in a short space of time and yet there is still so much more to learn and so much more room for growth.
Here’s to the next month!

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