My experiences with The Access Project so far! – Alex Foyle

I first met Sophia Ireland at a networking event where she explained all of the amazing work that The Access Project do. Having always had the ambition to go university and growing up in a relatively privileged environment, it never crossed my mind that other students have such vastly different upbringings.
What resonated with me the most was that gifted students that are fully capable of reaching the top universities often don’t have the confidence to apply or because they are less successful at the interview stage.
My journey has so far has been incredibly thorough, having plenty of opportunities to speak directly with the friendly team at The Access Project, as well as receiving dedicated training on how to best mentor a student to nudge them over their next grade boundary.
My DBS Check is currently being processed and I’ve been informed I’ll be tutoring a year 10 student in biology, which is so exciting! Meanwhile, my colleague Amelia has started meeting with her mentee and has started to assist with her English lessons which really helps as we can share mentoring advice during the day at SimkissGuy HQ!
The Access Project are always looking for volunteers to working with bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
If you can commit to an hours tutoring session per week for a minimum of 20 weeks, please check out their website:

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