My BYPY Experience – Emily Rose

When I first filled out my application for the Aspiring Talent category of BYPY I did not anticipate how hard it would be to write about myself! However, once I got into it, talking about my experience on my Year Abroad in Germany and my future plans in Birmingham, it was actually surprisingly fun and made me truly appreciate all the things I have achieve since arriving in the city in 2011.
Less than 3 weeks later I got the call – and to my surprise I was told that I had been shortlisted to be a finalist! I was absolutely delighted, but initially my elation was slightly overshadowed by nerves after having been informed I was to have a filmed interview and photo shoot. Luckily I received the questions I was going to be asked so I knew I had a few weeks to prepare.
On the day, I arrived at the KPMG offices and was escorted into a side-room on the top floor. Any nerves and apprehension was soon displaced by excitement. The BYPY team on hand were hugely accommodating and amiable, and assured me that the process would be swift and relaxed. After having my photo taken I felt more at east, albeit after awkwardly having the lighting in the room altered as it seemed nearly impossible to capture a photo of me that was remotely flattering! I was then brought into the filming room: I tried my best to maintain a smile whilst chatting away to the cameraman whilst simultaneously trying to recall the answers I had prepared – considerably easier said than done. But within half an hour everything was done and dusted.
A few days later, I headed to CBRE offices for my official awards panel interview – this was the toughest part. I was chaperoned into a large, windowed room and placed in front of the three judges. Even though the interview was only 15 minutes in total the time flew by and after settling in after the first few questions I began to relax again. It was only afterwards I realised just how great an experience it had been to be interviewed by three great professionals from across Birmingham. It massively helped my confidence in so far as that I had ultimately survived what I had originally perceived to be an ordeal!
So far my BYPY experience has been invaluable and all that’s left now is to wait until results night on May 14th – fingers crossed!

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