‘Life After University’ by Alina Khan

When I started my undergraduate degree in 2013 I didn’t really give much thought to what would happen after I would finish university; three years seemed such a long time. University was probably one of the best experiences of my life; the individuals I met have become life long friends and the experience has allowed me to grow enormously as a person. However I was completely wrong, the three years flew by extremely quickly and now here I am looking for a permanent role.
Finishing my law degree was probably one of my biggest achievements, but attempting to find a job or even work experience was proving to be one of my most difficult challenges; but thank god for SimkissGuy Recruitment. Initially I was invited in simply for an interview; however, soon into the interview I was able to tell that this was no normal recruitment company. SimkissGuy appeared to put their clients and candidates at the heart of the company, and deliver nothing but exceptional service. After the interview I was invited to undertake some work experience with the company, which was a nice surprise for me; and sitting in the office now I can confirm that all those notions of the company were completely correct.
This opportunity of work experience has allowed me the chance to work within a friendly and welcoming team, and teach me how to deliver exceptional customer service. Most importantly it has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and as it is said great things happen out of your comfort zone. Although continuously applying can be tiring and not receiving replies or worse still receiving rejections can be distressing; it is important to remember that hard work will pay off eventually and to have faith in yourself and your abilities. Great opportunities will not come to those who do not work for them.
Alina Khan

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