How finding a new job changed overnight – Richard Guy

In January 2020, unemployment hit a record high of 3.3 million. However, this seemed to change overnight as coronavirus hit. When lockdown went into place and many businesses started furloughing their staff, we thought recruitment would be on an indefinite hold and for many of our clients this would be the case. As a business our priorities changed. If our clients didn’t weather out the storm of lockdown then neither would we, so we looked at how to support them in other ways.
One area that many seemed to be struggling with is how to motivate and manage a team remotely. Team meetings are now happening on Zoom and this was alien to many. With this in mind, we started producing resources to help our clients better manage their existing teams. This built on our already extensive resource library where we offer advice to candidates and clients. As we started to offer this new service, word seemed to spread, and we were approached by candidates and businesses up and down the country for advice.
Whilst many industries are struggling, some, like the IT sector are in fact thriving – so much so they are in constant need of new skilled staff. With face-to-face interviews out the question, platforms like Zoom and Google Meet have quickly become a HR team’s best friend.
For those that have been furloughed or even made redundant, they are using the time to upskill. As you can image, we have been inundated with CVs from the hospitality sector. Many are using this time to look for a new career.
The phrase ‘new normal’ has been batted around a lot over recent weeks and many industries just won’t go back to the way they were. Flexible working will continue to become popular, even when more offices open their doors once again. The lockdown has provided many businesses with an opportunity to hit the reset button, assessing how they do things. As an industry we too have to do the same and while there is still a lot of uncertainty around what the future holds, it is also an opportunity and one which we are excited about.
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