How COVID-19 will Impact CSR Strategy and Charity Partnerships in Birmingham

Share your thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact CSR strategy and charity partnerships in Birmingham.
Do you have a role in CSR partnerships or corporate fundraising? Could you spare a few minutes to share your view of the impact COVID-19 will have on engagement between the corporate and charity sectors?
In these unprecedented time of COVID-19, new emergency grant opportunities for charities have emerged and funders are being more flexible with applicants. However the charity sector is uncertain if corporate organisations are placing less focus on their CSR strategies and subsequently willingness to engage with charities is diminishing. To gain a greater understanding of whether this perception is correct and the future implications feedback is being gathered by two surveys – one for corporates and one for charities – to understand the impact of COVID-19 on CSR strategy.
Powered by Oaks Consultancy, the results will enable a review of engagement levels pre-pandemic, the initial impact on relationships/planned activity, and the future outlook. Oaks will report on trends, identify challenges and opportunities, and evidence the mutually beneficial value of partnerships, particularly in addressing the impact of the current context to charities, businesses and wider society. In addition, SimkissGuy Recruitment will comment on the effectiveness of companies utilising CSR strategy to attract and retain talent and engender wider team engagement.
The surveys will close on Thursday 7 May 5pm with the report being published in the following weeks to provide real-time recommendations. Complementary to this, the data will be used to match-make businesses to charities based on CSR interests and support needed.

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