Hello real world – Tanisha

Last week I began my internship with SimkissGuy Recruitment, and I think it’s safe to say that not many internships begin with networking with some of Birmingham’s leading women in business (while eating a delicious and unique afternoon tea!).
This was exactly what was in store for me, as last Thursday I was taken along to my first ever networking event, SimkissGuy’s BWB Afternoon Tea, held at the outstanding Nocturnal Animals. Every single aspect of the afternoon tea was innovative and unique, I’d never seen anything quite like it!
As this was my first networking event, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a fantastic experience having the opportunity to mingle and network with the guests as they arrived.
It was also inspiring to see money being was raised for both Sifa Fireside and LoveBrum, two local causes who do great work for the region and the people who live within it.
Being invited to attend BWB Afternoon Tea in my first week as an intern was a pretty special way to explore the professional world, and I am already looking forward to my next networking event!
To find out more about the range of SimkissGuy networking events, click here.

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