Guest Blog – The scariest thought for any undergraduate; Amelia’s Story

Stepping into the big, wide world. The scariest thought for any undergraduate. Three years into my degree and I’ve realised the countdown has begun . By June next year I will be a graduate. No longer a student who can get away with starting days at 12pm or a diet consisting of coffee and beer. The world of graduate schemes and internships are calling my name and though this could be one of the most daunting things right now, I have been told not to panic. Yeah right….
However, rather than pull my hair out and dedicate all my time to the Times Top 100 graduate schemes or redoing my CV 15 million times because that 20 seconds that employers take to look at it could change my life forever (gulp), I decided that experience would be my number one advantage over the million (once again, gulp) other graduates out there. Fortunately for me I’ve been given the opportunity to do work experience for SimkissGuy. Feeling extremely privileged to be offered this position I realised, this is big.
As nervous as I was to step into this role, I decided that I was going to make everything count. Yes I’m in my final year at University, already sweating over my dissertation and modules but this is different. I’ve been given the opportunity to work in a professional environment and have been given an insight into a fascinating business.
My time so far has given me a focus. A determination that one day when I’m all grown up and no longer a scrounging student, that this is where I want to be. My attitude towards finding a career and finding a direction for myself has developed since experiencing what it’s like to do something you enjoy. And I can’t wait to gain more experience so that by June next year, when I’m wearing my mortar board and gown, I can be safe in the knowledge that I did everything I could to shape my career path, and gave myself the opportunity to explore my options.
Work experience in any shape or form is invaluable and I would recommend it to anyone else who is preparing themselves for the future post student life.

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