Graduation Wilderness – Amy-Leigh Hill

Here I’m hoping to aptly tell my story regarding the wilderness that is post-graduate job searching. As every person employed or unemployed knows, getting a job can be tough! But getting a job when you haven’t got any idea of what you want to do is harder…
I have very recently graduated as Bachelor of Art from a dance degree (learning to count from five to eight is my forte), the only problem I have encountered is that I no longer want to dance as a profession. Now where did this leave me? …In the wilderness, no clue where to look and a resentment towards the thought of having to reapply for the same old bar/waitressing/retail jobs that I was applying for before I had a degree.
Firstly, if you are in a similar position, I would like to say… Trust the process! Finding the reigns to steer your own career can take a lot more time, thought and energy than you once thought. I received a few suggestions to be open to interning, volunteering, taking up temporary work and networking! All these things have and will continue to contribute to helping me find my future career path.
Secondly, I would like to say… Trust a recruiter! The best suggestion I received was to visit SimkissGuy Recruitment, where I was surprised by their ability to assist me in learning my strengths and knowing, more than I did, what it is that I want out of a job.
I now have the pleasure of being the new Intern Relationship Co-ordinator with SimkissGuy Recruitment and will be gaining experience through the fantastic, personable work that they do! I am very excited to be here!

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