Goodbye University; Hello career! By Amelia Ladbrook

When I first started University I thought that four years until graduation was a lifetime away. I was so wrong and the past years at the University of Birmingham have flown by in a flurry of essays, exams, empty wine bottles and travels abroad. So now is the time that most graduates are dreading. It is the time when we have to face the real world, stop the daytime naps and walking to the shops in our pyjamas. As graduates we are forced to transition from student to adult which is a petrifying thought- but I really can’t wait.
The last year of my studies has been one of the most challenging and rewarding times of my life. This has been the year that I have learnt the most about myself and have pushed myself both academically and in the work place. Having the opportunity to already gain experience within an industry that I’ve been interested in has meant that I feel fully prepared to enter into the world of work and not be (completely) terrified. Work experience and having the opportunity to really develop my skills outside of my academic life have really made me feel ready to take my next step. Being part of Birmingham Aspire has given me the opportunity not only to attend events that help me develop, but as part of the leadership team I have been able to take on many more challenges that I never had the opportunity to do before. Working with SimkissGuy, BPS Aspire and having the opportunity to meet and learn from lots of people in the city has given me an insight to the world of work that has made me feel ready to start out in my career.
To anyone that believes graduates don’t find jobs, I am proud to say that I, like the thousands of others out there who are going out and chasing what they want, will be starting my career straight after graduation and cannot wait. To graduates who have started to believe they won’t get a job- there is so much potential for us in the city to learn, develop and work that if you go after what you want you will get it. There’s so much potential in graduates and I can’t wait to see where everyone that I’ve met over these four years ends up.
So goodbye University and thank you for having me- it’s been amazing. Now it’s time to start my next challenge.

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