Get involved in Birmingham Heritage Week 2019 – Bhal

Over the next week you have the opportunity to explore Birmingham like never have before through the Birmingham Heritage week, running from the 12th – 22nd September.
With over 200 events – from walks and tours to workshops and taster sessions, there are plenty of opportunities to gain a new perspective of our city. As someone who has lived in Birmingham my whole life, I did not expect there to be much I could learn from the week. However going through the events there is an opportunity to learn so much more about the rich history running through this great city!
Here are my top picks for Birmingham Heritage week:-
As a fan of ‘friendly competition’ and a lifelong resident of Birmingham, the ‘Know your city’ pub quiz is the event I am looking forward to the most. Roundhouse Birmingham and Ladywood History group have teamed up to provide one of the more unique pub quizzes you’re likely to attend this year. Hosted at the wonderful Distillery, head on down on Thursday 19th of September at 7pm to get involved.
As a recent politics graduate one event that caught my eye was the interesting Politics, Power and People event hosted at Library of Birmingham at 11:15am on Friday 20th of September. Hosted by local author Fiona Joseph, this event offers a creative writing workshop centred around how people of Birmingham gained and used the vote.
Lastly I have chosen the Cadbury Heritage Walking Tour of the Bournville Village. Head on down to Cadbury World on Thursday the 12th September at 15:15pm to get a rare insight into the life of John Cadbury and how the family campaigned for justice, equality and social reform.

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