“From Candidate to Candidate Management” – By Alex Foyle

I’ve used a number of recruitment agencies in the past with varying degrees of success. The main problem I faced as a candidate was that immediately after registration, I wouldn’t be contacted again and I’d be left wondering where I stood. I wouldn’t know if I was still “in their file” or if I’d been forgotten about completely! My situation would change all the time – I’d move cities because of university and look for job opportunities on my own, all the while never hearing a word from the agencies I was registered with.
Since becoming joining SimkissGuy Recruitment on an internship, I have been given the unique opportunity to see the recruitment industry from the other side. One of my (ever increasing) responsibilities is to help manage the relationship with our candidates, which I now see really makes SimkissGuy stand out. I have the opportunity to keep in regular contact with our candidates to identify any changes to their circumstances that might help refine our job search, and to let them know that we are still there working behind the scenes to try to find their next career opportunity.
These candidate catch-ups provide a variety of benefits. It may sound simple but a quick update every couple of weeks goes a long way to making the entire process much more efficient for all involved. We also have the opportunity to develop a strong relationship over time and become really invested in the individual. The whole team works incredibly hard to stay true to the SimkissGuy Seven Point Promise by applying a personal approach to recruitment.
For an industry that often has a bad reputation, a little candidate care can make all the difference.

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