“First ‘official’ day in the office – done” – by Anna Freeman

What a shock to the system it was to haul myself out of bed at 6:15am this morning – to make sure I didn’t miss my morning train! Today is the day – the first day of my first ever ‘big girl job’ (omg). Being greeted with friendly welcoming smiles from the team and a big box of SimkissGuy cupcakes waiting for me on my very own desk (eek!) confirmed I had definitely made the right decision.
However, I guess my story doesn’t actually start today it begins back in October 2016 which is when I first started my internship with SimkissGuy.
Facing that horrible, daunting, ‘out of my depth’ feeling that I know the majority of students must feel post graduation, I found myself becoming ‘click-happy’ and applying for any job I saw online – obviously getting me no where. However, following a very positive recommendation, I decided to register with SimkissGuy Recruitment. After a lovely initial meeting with Amelia, she offered me an amazing opportunity to join the team as a weekly intern to develop my office and corporate experience. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and so my SimkissGuy journey began.
Being totally honest I had never thought of recruitment as a potential career for myself but this rapidly changed. During my internship I would join the team once or twice a week which also allowed me to work in hospitality alongside gaining valuable office experience. My internship expanded my knowledge on the recruitment industry but also how unique the SimkissGuy brand is with its no cold calling policy. I gained important administrative skills, developed all important professional social skills, and supported the team with candidate care. Having been exposed to the SimkissGuy working environment I was keen to progress in the recruitment industry, and Rebecca and Richard asked me to join the team on a permanent basis –I couldn’t have been happier! SimkissGuy has opened my eyes to the fast-paced, exciting world of recruitment and I couldn’t be more grateful.
Post graduation life for many is an intimidating prospect, which I can relate to massively – however I was lucky enough to join such a friendly, motivated and unique team. Now I’m sat at my very own desk, with my very own work email address and a big box of cupcakes to the side of me. I’m so excited to begin my SimkissGuy journey and can not wait to see what SimkissGuy has in store for me!

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