Experience Please! By Aksa Hussain

My name is Aksa Hussain and I’m a very hard working and a reliable person, I am very dedicated and committed to work that is given to me and I have to complete all work to the highest level of quality. When I was 15 I did previous work experience which highlighted my capability to adapt to different working environments and has motivated me, to maximise my potential within the right organisation. This built a lot of confidence inside me where my job role was to organise company documentation for colleagues, create and implement new filling systems and be the primary point of contact for customers and clients. By doing this job role I felt as if I had fitted in really well in this sort of business environment and therefore I decided to study Business Level 3 Diploma at Matthew Boulton campus to know more about business.
I was selected to be in the prestigious Business Academy which gives passionate business students the opportunity to explore different sectors and understand different types of business. In the Business Academy I have learnt more about different businesses and the type of skills needed to work there. I attended guru lectures as part of the Academy where people from different companies talk about how they got where they are today. Through the Business Academy I have built a greater understanding of different sectors and met my mentor, Joel Blake.
Joel plays a big part in the Business Academy. He runs and creates his own businesses and is one of the UK’s youngest ever Corporate Governance Practitioners specialising in Diversity, he is also a Management Consultant specialising in Diversity Management. As a mentor Joel has helped me identify my strengths and ambitions, and recently Joel helped me find work experience with SimkissGuy Recruitment and I can sure say it’s been really great! I have learnt a lot from SimkissGuy and feel it will help me hugely in my future, SimkissGuy is a beautiful environment to work in with lovely people and has helped me sharpen my communication skills, team work, and listening skills amongst others and I am certain I will develop and learn more as I continue.
I believe being enthusiastic and passionate about certain things gets you a long way!
I feel by gaining the right experience, I will be able to expand my knowledge which is why I am keen to undertake work experience. As this will help me develop and expand all the skills that I need, in order to become successful. In the future I’m hoping to gather the skills and experience I have and use it in other businesses and gain more experience from that type of business in order to get the correct job best for me.

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