Embracing Post-University Life – George

The university experience is something which will stay with most of us for years to come. Whether they were the most enjoyable years of your life so far, or a difficult push to get that grade you wanted, there is something inherently unique about life in higher education. I know my time studying at the University of Nottingham was something incredibly unique and memorable.
For many graduates, post university life is a big adjustment. Despite the jubilant atmosphere at my graduation ceremony, I was acutely aware of the daunting uncertainty which now confronted me. What do I want to do with my life, and how am I going to do it? After speaking to friends and course mates, it became clear that we were all in the same boat – beginning the career adventure was not something to be taken lightly.
As with many of my peers, I began the process of applying to the numerous graduate roles advertised online, but with relatively little success. What soon became abundantly clear, however, was that many roles require real office experience. University is an incredible place to learn about the world, but what recruiters want to see is an application of that knowledge in a hands-on scenario.
I was fortunate to be offered a graduate internship here at SimkissGuy Recruitment, a role I have been enjoying for the last month or so. For many of us recent graduates, these types of opportunities are essential in order to demonstrate our professionalism and skill sets to future employers. We all know what we’re capable of, but we just need to prove it!
My internship with SimkissGuy Recruitment has provided a first-hand insight into the beating heart of Birmingham – the buzz of commuters, the Colmore Business District’s restaurants and bars, and the dynamism of (corporate) office life. What is vital, however, is being given the opportunity to develop a skillset which complements my academic qualifications whilst providing genuine experience of what post university life is really like.
Some people embrace the change, while others may struggle with the adjustment. However, something that all graduate will relate to is the importance of experience. I have learnt how to apply the skills university has developed, and get a first hand experience of the bustling life a city like Birmingham has to offer. If this is the path you are facing, don’t underestimate the importance of your first internship or part time roles. Rise to the opportunity and embrace the next chapter of your life!

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