Do What You Love

The average person spends roughly 84,365 hours of their lives at work! So why do so few of us do what we love?
When waking up in the morning, do you wish the alarm would disappear into a puff of smoke so that you can return to your blissful sleep?
Are you then dragging yourself to work, unmotivated and tired?
Does 5.30pm take an age to arrive?
SimkissGuy Recruitment know that your working day can, and should, be an entirely different experience, and we’d like to help you take the first few steps to maximising your job satisfaction and making your working week fly by!
1. Firstly, think about your current and recent roles! Review your career, really taking note of what you are good at, what you enjoy and what motivates you (a rewarding task in itself)! This will help you recognise your successes and begin to build your resume of valuable skills and experience.
2. Identify what it is about your day that you both like and dislike prior to taking the next step – whether that be talking with a trusted recruitment partner who can help you find a new role to suit your skills and attributes, or opening communication within your current employer.
3. Don’t feel afraid to step out of your comfort zone! It’s likely that you will have some amazing transferable skills that are sought after in another department of your current employer, in a different company or, perhaps, even a different sector entirely!
4. Where to start? Your CV is often the first thing employers see, so make sure your personality and skillset really shine through. Be sure when writing your CV to give yourself credit for all that you achieve on a daily basis, these things may be the most relevant and crucial points to a prospective employer.
Here at SimkissGuy Recruitment, we understand that everyone is different and we want to hear what makes you unique. One of our fabulous team of Relationship Managers will dedicate time to listen to you, understand your journey and the reasons why you have undertaken it.
For an initial chat with one of our dedicated team, call us on 0121 389 9013.

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