Candidate Support – A Remote Interviewing Guide

At SimkissGuy Recruitment, we understand that interviewing can be a daunting process for some, especially during these uncertain times of social distancing! Given that, at least for the foreseeable future, all interviews you undertake are likely going to be conducted remotely and virtually, we want do absolutely everything we can to help you demonstrate those job-winning skills that we know our clients are looking for when interviewing remotely. So, we’ve put together our top tips when it comes to preparation for remote interviews:-
1. The basics. Double check the date and time of your remote interview – it can be easy confuse dates and times, especially if you have a number of interviews scheduled. And in exactly the same way that you would always arrive punctually for a face-to-face interview, you should ensure you’re ready for your remote interview roughly 10 minutes before your scheduled time.
2. Test your equipment. Make sure you’re fully prepared for your remote interview by downloading any relevant apps or software platforms which your remote interview will be conducted on. Also, where possible, try and practice connecting to an online meeting ahead of the call to avoid any IT or system glitches which may detract from the interview at hand!
3. Dress Code. Remember, just because your interview is remote or online, you should still ensure you are wearing your smartest office attire for interviews; it is crucial to make a good first impression and demonstrate you have made a real effort. It’s amazing how much of a confidence boost you will get by knowing you look professional.
4. Interview Set Up. Alongside a smart personal appearance, you should ensure that you are interviewing in a professional environment to avoid any distractions from yourself for the interviewer. Crucially, make sure you are in a quiet room where there will be no noise distraction, ideally against a plain or neutral backdrop to ensure you’re displaying a professional environment to prospective employers. If you’re worried about outside or background noise then we would advise using headphones, to ensure that you can clearly hear the interviewer and understand the questions being asked. Be sure that your mobile phone is switched off throughout the interview to make sure there aren’t any unexpected interruptions.
Where possible, hold these interviews on a laptop or tablet device whilst sat behind a desk – simulating a typical interview set-up. If you are reliant on using a mobile/smart phone, always ensure that this is propped up on a desk or table and not in your hands! Lastly, should you have any issues with connectivity or volume during your interview, always make your interviewer aware of this, as opposed to trying to carry on and misinterpreting any information or questions.
5. Research. In exactly the same format as a face-to-face interview, an interviewer will really gain an understanding of how interested and engaged you are with their business and opportunity available by gauging how much research you’ve done – it sounds really obvious but can be easily forgotten! Rather than simply reading the first page of the website, ensure you’ve taken the time to really understand their company’s products, services, values and unique selling points, as well as their standing within their sector or market and identifying any key competitors.

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