Beth’s Story

Beth completed a Psychology degree at York St John University in 2015. She left with an overwhelming feeling of having to decide immediately which career path she should follow. At the age of 21, Beth had yet not explored potential career routes, or where her future laid.
After deciding she did not to become a Psychiatrist – after learning about the further 4 year studying that would be required, Beth decided that she wanted to start earning some money! After originally looking at human resource management as a potential option, a chance phone interview regarding a recruitment role led Beth to discover that the chance to help people find jobs was the destiny for her.
Beth first met Richard Guy after being recommended to work with SimkissGuy. She registered as a potential candidate, keen that Richard and the team would help her secure her first step on the career ladder. A day later, Richard rang Beth offering some work experience directly with the SimkissGuy team. She jumped at the chance to get some experience in a role that would be her future career path! Beth thrived in her role, especially speaking to potential candidates and for the first time really having the opportunity to use her interpersonal skills. Beth enjoyed the team atmosphere and energy in the office; it wasn’t about sales or commission, her expectation of a recruitment business until that point. If one person placed a candidate, the whole team cheered. Beth enjoyed her time with the team so much that she offered to come back a couple of days a week to carry on learning.
Beth quickly realised that recruitment was incredibly fast paced and hard work, involving long days and many networking events. At her first networking event though – The Colmore Cocktail Club – Beth was sold! With food, drinks, and mingling to offer, this felt more like a social event than work!
It was at this point that Becky and Richard mentioned about SimkissGuy’s potential office move to a larger office – where there would be a space for a new relationship manager to join the team….. Beth spent the next few months waiting and hoping for the conversation that would hopefully turn work experience into a permanent job!
Beth officially joined the SimkissGuy team on 5th October 2015. Being greeted by a rather large box of cupcakes, she was very excited to start her new career at SimkissGuy.

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