Alina Khan – My Time at SimkissGuy Recruitment!

Several weeks ago my internship journey began at SimkissGuy Recruitment and sadly today that journey is coming to an end.
Coming into a recruitment company, I had several common fears that are generally associated with the word ‘recruitment’; the biggest one being cold-calling. However those fears soon disappeared after meeting this vibrant team. I realised that the company was definitely unique, and can now say with confidence, that SimkissGuy’s reputation precedes itself truly as a result of their individuality.
I was aware from previous experience that during my internship I would most likely be doing basic mundane admin duties and would not be delegated much responsibility. However my time with SimkissGuy has been anything other than that!
From the very first day I was delegated challenging tasks and given the appropriate training and continuous support to be able to complete my duties independently. I was allowed the opportunity to constantly develop my own skills. From the beginning, I was treated as a valuable member of the team, and given the opportunities to share my opinions with everyone. I was encouraged to be inquisitive and taught that there is no such thing as a silly question; every member of the team became involved in my training process and I never felt afraid to ask or provide my input to the team.
What constantly surprised me about SimkissGuy was the genuine effort and care that the company poured into every aspect of the business. After having been here for several months it is not a surprise that the company has such a significant presence within both the business and wider community. This is all a result of the relentless hard work by the team at SimkissGuy, and is evidenced by their constant recognition; the latest of which was Rebecca Simkiss’s BMET fellowship; which I was extremely proud to see happen, and was truly well deserved.
During my time here, I have learnt a great deal more than I expected too, and have developed certain skills I would never have envisaged having, but I will no doubt be using in my next role. I will truly miss the team at SimkissGuy, but I am leaving not simply with more experience, but more confidence, memories and friends that I will treasure forever.

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