A Sneak Peak into the Corporate World by Awo Guhad

Growing up I was always intrigued by the corporate world. My mum would take us to town every other week and I was always mesmerized by lots of adults running around in suits and heels (just to be clear, not together). The caffeine addicted adults rushed around because they were ‘busy’. ‘Busy’ was what I wanted to be.
All through school I always wanted to join the world of meetings, travelling and status but I wasn’t in the right environment or around the right people. A long journey of mistakes, adventures and finally starting to find myself I fell into the Great Birmingham Professional Services Academy (GBPSA) or as we like to call it the PSA.
Starting at a new college frightened me because I was used to being loud in a small secluded area (sixth form). The first couple of weeks I hardly spoke to anyone but started finding my feet once I settled in at the PSA. The PSA is an academy for 16-19 year olds who want to join the professional services sector as a lawyer, accountant, banker, property surveyor etc. We work with big companies in Birmingham to expose young people to the industry and give them more knowledge and experience to get ahead of their future competitors.
I joined the academy because I wanted something productive to do with my free time, most people would pick a sport or chess but I wanted to do something I couldn’t do elsewhere. I don’t really believe in the whole ‘fate’ thing but joining the PSA has made me question this philosophy of mine.
The academy has helped me to become a confident young professional of Birmingham. It has introduced me to many things that have helped shape my career so far. I have gained skills and knowledge that more young people need to be exposed to in order to succeed. My thoughts are simple, if you have a clear vision of what you want your life to be then you already have your motivation.
The professional services sector is not just employees that work 9-5 stuck behind computers all day. It is full of passion, opportunity, humour, ambition and much more. The stereotypes that people outside the industry have are negative and I want myself and other young people to help change it into something positive, something that is cherished and we can only do it by opening more doors to young people.
There’s already been one young girl who had her world change for the better, why not have many more young people follow suit?
If you remember one thing let it be this ‘Exposure is the best medicine for lasting change’.

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