SimkissGuy needs your help!

When the fabulous folks at BranchMartinSpicer helped us create our SimkissGuy logo, we couldn’t help but notice that they’d also created a new member of the SimkissGuy team! Some saw it straight away, others took a little while longer, but it was there for us from the start.
For a business that is all about people, it must have been fate that led to the S from Simkiss and G from Guy combining to look like a person in our logo.
Now we have made some pretty important SimkissGuy decisions over the course of the last couple of months. However, there’s been some rather heated debate in the office about whether our new team member is a man or a woman! We still haven’t been able to agree. What we have agreed though is that our newest recruit needs a name.
So that’s where you come in.
SimkissGuy is launching a competition on Twitter (a tweetition if you like) to name our newbie. All ideas are welcome and must be sent to us via @sayhellotosimkissguy on Twitter. We will tweet some of the front runners as we go along.
Entries must be tweeted to us by the closing date of 15th February. We will then announce our winning name via Twitter on Monday 25th February.
As a big thank you for settling the debate for us, we will bring a bottle of something lovely and sparkly to the winner.
Let the naming commence!

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