5 Months on and no Cold Calling in Sight! – Beth Owens

It feels surreal to think that it was back in July when I was first introduced to SimkissGuy.
After reading the notes Richard made from my interview when I first met him (as a candidate!) back in July, I now reflect and understand why meeting candidates is an essential part to understanding what they are really looking to do, and how we can support them best, whether it be looking for their first step on the ladder, or searching for that exciting next step.
When you are a graduate looking for your first opportunity, it can be a real challenge to not just say anything just to get a job! Take me for instance, in my meeting with Richard I said I would consider a cold-calling role. Thankfully Richard suggested that this might not be the best option for me to consider. Looking back, if I am honest, I don’t think I would have lasted a month in a cold calling role! That is the art of SimkissGuy, by meeting each candidate we are able to really understand what each individual would really like to do with their 9 – 5.30, even when sometimes they don’t know themselves! Without Richard and Amelia’s guidance in my first initial meeting, I may have easily ended up in a telephone sales role.
I still vividly remember when Richard called me a few days after my interview to see if I would like to gain some work experience with SimkissGuy, as I was looking to enter the fast paced world that is recruitment. This was by far the best decision I have made! Work experience with the team gave me the opportunity to really get to grips with where I felt my future career would be. I had been told that SimkissGuy were different in their approach – but would this be a role that I even enjoyed? Six months on, the answer is definitely YES!
I love the fact that SimkissGuy is genuinely unique. Whether it’s spontaneously dropping cupcakes off to our clients, offering advice to a candidate who feels they have lost their way in their career, or organising networking events to help raise money for our cities charities, at the heart of everything we do is a commitment to be the best that we can be, and not be afraid to be different in an incredibly challenging industry.
So goodbye cold-calling, hello to my career. I am so excited to see what the team has instore for me over the next few months!

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